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Good to GREAT

“Can a good company  become a great company and, if so, how?”


This course explores the key findings from extensive research and encourages businesses and individuals to understand how they can acheive greatness.

'Good is the enemy of Great'

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Business Meeting


"Lack of candour is a killer" -  Jack Welch

This course is designed to help staff members understand the importance of creating a culture of candour in the workplace. We will discuss the benefits of candour, how to promote it, and how to handle situations that require honest communication.


By the end of the course, participants will have the tools and knowledge to foster a culture of candour in their teams.

Empty Chairs


Psychometric testing can provide fascinating insights into the personalities and relationships of you and the people in your teams, aiming to help improve performance.


Are you recruiting effectively? Do you get the best out of your staff? Do you know and understand the range of personalities that your team possess? Do you know how to effectively utilise these for maximum success?  


This interactive course allows you to you view the different personalities in your team and advises how you should communicate and engage with them. 

Implementation Planning


Change is a necessity for survival. Does your business have a plan to implement changes effectively and in the correct way?

This course is designed for any business or executive wanting to understand more about change management, the techniques, successes, pitfalls and why you need a change manager.


If you’re planning on implementing change within your business and wish it to be a success, then this course if for you.

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